The following is a statement of McWolex Inc policy regarding Health, Safety, Environment and the community affairs. McWolex Inc’s first priority is the safety and protection of people, property and the environment.

We are dedicated to being the industry leader by providing a range of consultantcy services that reflect the McWolex Inc attitude to safety and care of the environment to a level that meets, or exceeds any specific requirements or expectation of clients, and will therefore operate in the professional manner.

To achieve this goal requires the commitment of every employee, no mater what other duties or responsibilities they may have as part of their defined function.

Each employee is expected to do their utmost, to optimize our results while minimizing chances of causing harm to McWolex Inc personnel, clients, members of the public, or the environment.

As a mater of policy, McWolex Inc management will: Promote health, safety and lost prevention on and off the job. Provide a work environment in which occupational hazard are minimized where elimination is not feasible. Implement accident and loss prevention programs, systems, and techniques.

Observe any country’s legal and regulatory requirements Ensure that all the above requirement are communicated effectively to all appropriate personnel Train and educate personnel regarding job hazards, emergency response plans, and safety procedures in conjunction with good operating practices Hold regular safety and Operations Improvement \meetings and encourage feedback from all level of the Consortium.

All McWolex Inc employees will: Perform their duties in such a way that promotes personal safety and that of their fellow workers. Report all accidents, incidents and work hazards that may be detrimental to the well being of themselves, their fellow workers or that of the environment.

Attend and actively participate in Safety and Operation Improvement Meetings. Make themselves familiar with, and become knowledgeable about the contents of the manuals that directly effect the function of their job.

The success of McWolex Inc and clients depend on the well being of employees and their families: therefore it is imperative that safety hazards be identified, appropriately evaluated and effectively controlled in order to prevent accident and their consequences.

This objective can only be achieved with the commitment and support of everyone. To meet these requirements and as part of the employees ongoing development he is required to attend courses specific to the needs of the service, which not only included services related material but also contain safety refresher modules and safety relating to the specific service in question i.e. the use of protective equipments specific to that work.

McWolex Inc are committed to and currently undertake a loss control continuous improvement programme in respect of services and it includes: The measurement of safety performance The investigation of accidents and incident, including identification of causes and remedial actions including verification activities.

The prevention and control of fire and explosion. Accident: Any event which has caused injury to personnel or damage to property, process or the environment. Incident: Any activity or job not carried out to the client’s satisfaction or deviation from the McWolex Inc standards is defined as a job incident.

Near Miss/Dangerous Situation: A situation in which there was an accurrence which had the potential of causing physical harm to a person or potential loss to either assets or the environment is classified as a near miss. Accidents and Incidents are documented as Accident Reports and Incidents Reports respectively and record in detail exactly what happened, the factors that may have contributed to the event and any results and costs associated to the accident.

As part of the report, a corrective action plan is formulated to prevent re-occurrence, specifying those responsible and deadlines. Verification activities are also documented on the report, specifying those responsible, by what process should the verification activity follow and when it should take place. Job audits will be performed during operations at the work site by the McWolex Inc Management.

This serves to identify if any areas of operations are in need for improvement, be it safety, equipment, training or operational requirements. The report is discussed with the supervisor in charge of the job, with a detailed corrective action plan implemented where necessary, and with verification activities specified.

All personnel proposed by McWolex Inc shall have examinations carried out. Personnel Protective Equipment shall be replaced by McWolex Inc as and when the item in questions is no longer offering the protection for which it was originally designed.