McWolex Inc equipped laboratory handles biostratigraphy services (foraninifera, ostracod, nono, and palynology). Our trained and experienced geologists can perform the following:

» Identification of lateral facial

» Reservoir distribution geology

» Dating of successions penetrated in the wells

» Identification of breaks in sedimentation

» Sequence boundaries definition’

» Correlation of well sections

» Establishment of correctable biostratigraphy datum locally and regionally

» Interpretation of depositional environments via sedimentology.


McWolex Inc in conjunction with U.S.A. foreign partners offers detailed analytical and interpretative sedimentological services through core and SWS description.

Core Description:

McWolex Inc geologist and other trained scientists effectively and efficiently handles core description and capable of identifying/describing among the following:

» Size of grains

» Frequency and orientation of fractures

» Sedimentary structure (cross bedding, ripple marks e.t.c)

» Description and thickness of lithologic units

» Oil strains and visible porosity.


McWolex Inc trained and experienced sequence stratigraphyers provide complete analytic and interpretative sequence stratigraphy of given wells via core description and seisnic. McWolex Inc sequence stratigraphy can perform the following surface functions:

» Maximum flooding surface determination

» Sequence boundaries determination

» System tract definition

» Regional sequence stratigraphy establishment

» Sequence stratigrapht model of a given environment.